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Shakti: A rising political energy

The vision of Shakti is to create a platform for the expression of South Asian American civic thought. Shakti strives to further discourse by providing a platform for writers to explore topics related to the South Asian experience within the framework of civic engagement. 

Our inaugural issue's theme is "Presidency, Policy, Perception." As we head into the upcoming year, the South Asian American body politic faces the challenge of making its voice resound across the rungs of American government and civil society. Will it rise to the challenge? Whether it's getting involved in the upcoming presidential election cycle, working to reform policies affecting the communities across America, or challenging dominant narratives that have persisted in American discourse for decades, South Asian Americans are working at the intersection of the presidency, policy, and perception that shapes our collective American dialogue.

From examining South Asian American voter turnout to analyzing the recent uptick in hate violence against the South Asian American community and exploring manifold facets of South Asian identity such as language, religion, and class as it exists in both South Asia and within the global diaspora, our writers will collectively seek to answer the question: to what extent and in what ways has the South Asian American community sought to amplify its collective voice while drawing upon its roots in South Asia?

Our Contributors

Spanning the vibrant spectrum of identity, our contributors will draw upon their strengths, passions, and areas of interest to collectively build a platform for telling valuable and powerful South Asian American stories that have long been silenced.


Ajay is a sophomore in Kirkland House from Houston, TX pursuing a degree in social studies.

His piece will delve into the nature of ignorance as a political right, using the South Asian American population as a case study. The hope is to provoke a discussion on how apathy and privilege interact with socioeconomic and racial understandings of South Asian America.

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