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SAAPS Recommends Raveena!

The South Asian Americans in Public Service initiative is excited to continue "SAAPS Recommends!", a series that provides content/opportunities that, in this difficult time, can help you feel supported and engaged with the world.

This week, SAAPS recommends listening to Raveena, an up-and-coming South Asian American singer/artist! In an article titled "Make Room For Raveena," NPR wrote of Raveena: "The soft-spoken 25-year-old creates music that is comforting but nuanced, balancing cultures old and new by mashing up contemporary R&B with traditions from the South Asian diaspora. Since making her introduction with the 2017 EP Shanti, Raveena has quickly gained a following of fellow millennial South Asian Americans who, like her, feel themselves at a crossroads of identity, culture and time. Now, with her self-released debut album, Lucid, she is encompassing it all while telling a personal story of resolve."

Want to feel inspired, relaxed, or dig into the meaning of personal, political, and impactful music? Listen to Lucid, on Spotify!

NPR Article: link

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