SAAPS's vision is to inspire South Asian Americans of all backgrounds to meaningfully contribute to their communities and promote cultural and intellectual diversity through public service.


The South Asian community is one of the fastest-growing major ethnic groups in the United States, but the views of its diaspora continue to be underrepresented across the nation. We're working to change this reality by empowering individuals, uplifting voices, and cultivating the next generation of South Asian American leaders.

The SAAPS Movement is Historic.

The SAAPS movement is the first of its kind across the nation.


SAAPS seeks to empower the next generation of South Asian leaders to overcome their barriers and make positive change within their communities.


Through a number of innovative initiatives, including our Speaker Series and our journal of political thought, Shakti, SAAPS shines a light on South Asian American voices - and seems to empower individuals to change the world.

However, we can not do this alone. Join us by starting a SAAPS chapter or contributing your ideas for new national projects.

To Fulfil Our Vision, We Adhere to a Few Core Values.


SAAPS hopes to create spaces welcoming of all vocations and convictions, encouraging civil discussion and dialogue along the way.


SAAPS aspires to grow and sustain our initiatives for years to cultivate a movement and community that lasts for generations.


SAAPS seeks to illuminate voices across the ideological spectrum, helping individuals grow their own perspectives.

SAAPS Started Small... But Grew Rapidly!

SAAPS had big plans this semester at its three campus chapters! However, COVID-19 had another vision for SAAPS, our 12 spring speakers, and the world.

Recognizing the great need for connection, SAAPS pivoted to virtual speaker events and re-introduced Shakti.

Spring 2020

Fall 2018

Spring 2018

Fall 2019

Realizing SAAPS's potential to expand across the nation, we onboarded one new team member to prepare SAAPS for expansion.

We also welcomed 5 speakers and shared 8 pieces in our journal, Shakti.

The Harvard SAAPS chapter began with the goal of inviting 2 speakers.

Instead, we welcomed 6 fall speakers with hundreds of students in attendance.

SAAPS finally transitioned into a national organization with chapters at Harvard, Yale, and Columbia. Our eyes were set on galvanizing the next generation of leaders!

While Yale and Columbia crafted their chapters, Harvard welcomed 8 speakers and devised an impactful service project with the Boston South Asian Workers' Center.

For the Movement to Continue, We Need Your Help.

SAAPS relies on passionate individuals to lead its chapters, grow its national initiatives, and expand its reach. If you are interested in this historic movement, join us below.


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